We are a small press independent publishing company focused on and dedicated to  the concepts and study of New Thought / New Paradigm Evolution of Human Consciousness.
Darkhorse Press- We are a small press independent publishing company focused on and dedicated to  the concepts and study of New Thought / New Paradigm Evolution of Human Consciousness.

Every human being is a doorway through which
the Infinite passes into the finite, through which
God becomes human, through which the universal
becomes individual”
000000000000000000-Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Darkhorse Press

We are a small gathering of writers and small-press independent publishers. Our focus is New Thought/ New Paradigm thinking, the sharing of these truths and insights, and the practice of meditation / The Presence.

The purpose of the work we do is to share and extend truths that help and heal. The books we publish serve to contribute to the emerging new paradigm, which is the present greatest challenge of the human species, to make a world that works for everyone. With the written word, individual minds can be shared with many others worldwide.

Our centerpoint is New Thought / New Paradigm, its concepts and convictions expressed by writers and thinkers such as American transcendentalists Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, and mystics like William Blake, Khalil Gibran, Earnest Holmes, Eckhardt Tolle, and others who have converged the spiritual truths from many ancient scriptures with the discoveries of the principles of quantum physics, which proved the ancient truth that everything really is everything. All of it is made out of non-material, non-local, energy of divine or infinite consciousness, called by many sacred names. From this Great Consciousness, all "material" things emerge from the nonphysical as physical forms .

The power of consciousness: Thoughts and beliefs profoundly influence, shape, and expand or limit our lives. The awareness of this truth gives us the choice to use this power for good, for acts of creating instead of destroying, for re-creating and changing our own personal world and the wider world to what we want instead of what we don't want. Fear builds what we don't want, conscious intentional faith builds what we do want. That's the way the universe works.

it has been written that God is Consciousness on the grandest scale, and we are the drops of water in the ocean of this great consciousness. We are not just drops, or anything separate in form or essence. We are conscious, mobile, energy waves within the workings of the greatest energy wave that we call God. We are not separate from that wave, we are each an inseprable aspect of it, and as such, we truly are It.

For all of us, this is a lot to wrap our heads around. It takes time and life experiences in which we learn and grow. The stories, essays, and poetry that Darkhorse Press publishes are the earnest, honest, and often courageous expressions of those experiential life-learnings.

More about this in What We Believe

The issues worldwide today are immense, bigger than politics, more urgent than history. We are being forced as a species to choose again who and what we want to be. The choice is truly between good or evil, between a way of life or a way of death for body and spirit alike.

We have all come now to the threshold of either the re-creation or the destruction of this Life-form itself, and the end of this beautiful blue and green garden that is the fragile planet on which we live.

We believe that this life and this small planet of ours, whirling together through endless space, are sacred. This is our home for this lifetime, and the lifetimes of our children and fellow-conscious-beings. We believe "the world" of people and planet is worth saving and rebuilding together
It is possible. It can be done, if we choose it. But we will have to choose mindfully. In this moment, the future is being made by our own hands. We must wake up and see, and know what we are choosing.

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