Darkhorse Press

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS AN UNAUTHORIZED WEBSITE, with the domain name= "" which has been using our name illegally on their website, Twitter, facebook, and Mega accounts.

We are not connected with them in any way. They have plagiarized our small-business company name (established in 2001) and we have recently been receiving hate-mail intended as a responses to their "news" and opinion posts, which they are signing with our name.

We regret if the imposters have attacked or offended you, but even though this is illegal, we have no way to stop them. We have asked them repeaedly to stop using our name and reputation so wrongly. They refuse to stop. .

If you have a message or complaint to any of their posts or articles, please go to their website:" and contact them there. We will not forward or respond to their hate-mail. Please use our contact box only for mesages to the real Darkhorse Press, an independent small-press publishing company, serving heartfully and honestly since 2001.

Your thoughts, questions and messages to us are always welcone. Thank you.

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