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INSTRUCTOR KIT - Disaster First Aid ￐ Lesson plan &Teaching Aids
When Disaster Strikes:

In the first minutes and

Disaster First Aid ￐ What To Do When 911 Can't Come (the textbook)

ISBN #978-0-9841730-5-3-1
Paperback,48 pages, size 8x11"
Keep this in your First Aid Kit as a
quick reference to the formulas
and basic skills of the course.


ABOUT DISASTER FIRST AID: Disaster First Aid© is designed for average citizens; it will enable them to respond to major emergencies with the same standard first-actions that Firefighter EMT and Paramedic First Responders use, adapted to the citizen’s level of ability and resources.

This course contains the critical essentials for saving the savable lives and limbs that otherwise could be lost due to complications from waiting too long for help. The skills and information are written in clear plain language with no medical words and no unrealistic expectations. Anyone can save lives if they know these simple but critical things to do, and do them within the first minutes and hours, the time when the most lives are either saved or lost.

Disaster Rapid Triage* identifies and classifies which injured need help worst and first. This triage formula, adapted from the principles of S.T.A.R.T. Triage, has been used successfully by Emergency First Responders for nearly 40 years. It determines the priorities for you, so you don’t have to decide. Recognizing life-threatening conditions and applying simple correct skills does save lives. In this course, you will learn how to identify those conditions and perform those skills.

About the Author: The creator of Disaster First Aid is a state of California Fire Service Training and Education System (CFSTES) registered Regional Fire Instructor, a former firefighter, Fire Training Officer and Emergency Medical Services Officer, Program Director of Fire Med a California EMSA approved Continuing Education Program for EMTs and Paramedics Provider #01-0022, and a Hospital Emergency Medical Technician with more than 25 years of Hospital and Field experience.

Disaster First Aid ￐ What To Do When 911 Can't Come (the textbook)
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ISBN 978-0-9841730-5-1
48 pages, size 8x11"

$8.95 Paperback

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