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A Space etween Rains:
Love poems about endings, beginnings, and making mistakes. A poetic memoir of a life that reached the point of no return, the leaving of that life, and the stumbling search to find a life of my own where I would not be invisible in the periphery of his. I discovered an unimaginably different one. I had bold adventures, I made big mistakes. The road was not easy.

In the hardest times, I found myself turning to the empty page when there was no place else to go and no one else I dared to tell. I wrote in secret, and what I wrote began to show me who I was.

I poured out my loneliness, my regret, my despair at the cost of the choices I had made, my fragile hopes, and my fierce blind seeking for something more. Poetry was my one true mirror, my refuge, my therapy, my small voice singing in the silence, and ultimately my salvation.

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