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VICTORY is bitter and sweet, tragic and joyful, often brutally real, but always stubbornly hopeful. Like a Huckleberry Finn or a Holden Caulfield born female, Vickie is abused when she’s young and grows up complicated, but never quite loses that “maybe I can" spirit. She achieves some unlikely and amazing things, not by luck, but by grit and heart and a remarkably different kind of courage. It's not about being a hero, it's about never giving less than your best. It's about taking the life you get, and making it count.

Victory Is My Name,

$15.95 paperback, 288 pgs 978-0-9841730-9-9
5.95 e-book 978-0-9841730-4-4

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 Chapter 1: Killing Doves
©2020 Victoria Chames. Excerpt with
Victory is about unlearning my

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