Darkhorse Press:

We are a small press, publishing only a few titles a year.
We vet your book proposal and manuscript carefully because
we commit to the work of our contribution to its
excellence and its success.

Our focus is Humanity, as it is evolving through new honesty and self-discovery
in New Thought/ New Paradigm concepts as expressed by Barbara Marx HUbbard and other recognized futrurists and evolutionary thinkers and writers.
We do not publish popular fiction, New Age, occult, or arcane concepts,
nor any specifically religious denominational topics or themes,
Our basic format is personal. Please do not submit complex theoretical or intellectual works. To get a sense of what kind of materials and formats
we are seeking, please read our "about us" page and some of the books
in our catalog before you submit a query letter. Thank you.

 Sept. 2020:  Darkhorse Press

Darkhorse Press is a publisher and supporter of heartful spiritual thought and perspective, not primarily traditional religious tenets, not second-hand beliefs, but the universal as it is expressed in personal truths.

At this time we are especially interested in writing by and/or about strong women. Women in the Trades, non-traditional professions, and the often outwardly unrecognized or unrewarded load-carriers in social, political, spiritual family and personal evolution and transformation, that have built and sustained the human race since the beginning of time.

Strong women show up in surprising places and are usually unseen or unnoticed until they stand up. Then they usually get struck down, repeatedly. It's this absurdly courageous and seemingly foolish habit women have of getting up again, and again, that marks them as true heroes.

All superficial, conditional, or limited-liability heroes hate that, and fear it. The illogical way women have of not giving up, of finding another way over the 6 foot wall, or through the glass ceiling. It's baffling and seems threatening somehow, to men and to some women too. It's aginst the old rules. It scares the hell out of the Good-Old-Boys club.

It's not their fault, and faulting anyone is a waste of precious time. We have all been taught rules and untruths "for our own good" when we were children, untruths and half-truths that took deep roots subconsciously, and became our unaware core-beliefs about life. Beliefs like "You can't do that because you're a girl." The same irrational but opposite demands are made of boys. And the even more insidious one, "You shouldn't want that." Now we are grown, we can and we must reconsider what is true here, now, in our own lives.

Marianne Williamson said in aher book: “Now is the time, and we are the ones”. Meaning all of humanity at this stage of our evolution. Our world is an apocalyptic chaos of violence now, and this is happening "on our watch.". The world we have built up to now is in a rapid explosion of changes. As a species, we will either become awake and aware and begin to change our choices, or we will become extinct. The choices are on the table now.

The life of the species has always been created and sustained by women. This is a powerful possession of responsibility. Through the ages, because of the fear of this power, both men and women have kept the female human confined to the periphery, in the shadows. Step out. It's time. If you are one of the many who are called, answer. Step up and step out. You are needed here in the light.

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